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May 2022 – 

Ortelius partners with Anderson MacGyver to explore a digital twin platform for the European market

Malmö, Sweden – Swedish Ortelius, a digital twin technology company, announces their strategic partnership with Dutch management consulting firm Anderson MacGyver.

Anderson MacGyver is Ortelius’ first partner in Europe. The objective of the partnership is to join forces to solve customers’ complex information management challenges by using the Ortelius developed inorigo® software platform and Anderson MacGyver’s expertise in organizing data and technology.

“We are excited to team up with Anderson MacGyver to complement each other’s capabilities. Ortelius uses inorigo® to build digital twins through information modelling and prototyping, and our partnership with Anderson MacGyver provides a unique opportunity to further explore other inorigo® capabilities as a software. The platform enables an infinite number of possible solutions, and we are excited to see Anderson MacGyver’s modelling and innovation journey to help their customers,” says Ulf Jensen, CEO of Ortelius.

Anderson MacGyver’s first objective is to develop their data driven consultancy practices and enable better comparability between customer cases. As an IP based consultancy company, Anderson MacGyver seeks to digitalize their key consultancy models and harness the power of data driven advice. While taking the hassle out of keeping data and visualizations in sync using standard office tooling.

“The inorigo® platform allows us to digitalize our consultancy models and create the exact data constructs that we need to answer our client’s management questions and support them in their strategic decision making. We embrace Ortelius’ extensive knowledge and capabilities in data modelling in shaping our own digitalization journey,” says Peter van Steene, Product Lead Inox at Anderson MacGyver

Consulting firms, like Anderson MacGyver, are able to develop customized solutions with and on inorigo® for their own organization as well as for their customers. The platform enables building a common language for all data, relations and activities in a business; and enables systems to “speak” with each other. The common language allows communication between people, between people and systems, and between systems.


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About Ortelius

The IT company Ortelius was founded in 1999 in Malmö, Sweden to help large complex organizations map all their material and immaterial assets to explore opportunities, visualize the unexplored and renew their business faster than competition.

The company created a way of mapping very complex dependencies in a business, that is manifested in the inorigo® software platform. It becomes a “common language” that allows for superior communication between humans, between humans and computers, and between computers.

inorigo® is built with the objective of having businesspeople, with no programming experience, being able to model and build digital capabilities. inorigo® makes the creation of digital twins of all different parts of a business possible. The parts can then be connected, as building blocks, into a functioning whole. Understanding how the whole is connected is a prerequisite for businesses to be able to continuously renew and grow at an ever-faster pace. inorigo® makes it easier to seamless interchange and integrate all types of information systems.

Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, has recommended Ortelius as a key Digital Twin of an Organization vendor of all candidates examined globally. For more information visit www.ortelius.com


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