Ortelius Transform

Tired of solving problems one by one, with little reuse and a high risk of suboptimizing? Let’s help you build a Continuous Transformation Managment system that works!

Do you recognize these challenges?

5Staying competitive and protecting your market value

5Balancing your business models to master growth

5Building resilience to disruptive and rapid change
5Keeping your focus on the most important business goals
5Linking all your work and projects back to your mission, vision and values

Excel at continuous transformation with a digital twin of your business

Change is inevitable

If you want to optimize the value of your company, it demands that you proactively work with change, continuously. For your business to evolve, you need the right value propositions, the right resources and the right strategy.

Is it important to:

  • continuously evolve your business?
  • secure you understand your business environment and especially your competitors?
  • define and execute strategy across your entire business?

The answer to these questions is of course ‘yes’ on all accounts.

Why is it so difficult?

Because today the business and operations development process is very fragmented. The level of systemization is low, the used tools are disparate, and the number of involved consultants is high.

And until recently, there was no platform available to holistically manage your strategic and tactical planning process.

Our purpose: to empower continuous transformation in a rapidly changing world.


How can we help?

A fundamental ability for succesful change is that you understand the system you are about to change. If not, the stakes are too high and you will either not do what is required to stay relevant or just decide on minor modifications. We will help you build that fact base with a dynamic digital twin of your business and visualize how your business all hangs together and operates.

For complex global organizations that are changing or re-inventing their operating models in order to respond quickly in a rapidly shifting environment, we provide a platform that enables continuous business transformation. By building a digital twin of your business, you create context and visibility of your business environment. A capability to be truly informed when allocating capital for the future. It’s a journey.

Your collective intelligence is no longer just in real time, in context and in the hands of the right stakeholders – it can now also be strategically aligned. With the inorigo® platform your Digital Twin helps you decide your ideal direction. Continuously evolving on that path, while aligning everyone with it, you are pulled efficiently towards your ideal future state.

Ortelius Transform enables your business transformation at the core of your tactical planning process. It simultaneously supports formulating strategy with the collective intelligence of the business environment, while defining what you need to know to execute on your strategy in an efficient and effective way.

It connects tactical planning to your strategic initiatives and allows for transforming information from disparate activities and operations, into actionable, re-usable collective intelligence. We bet you will uncover unidentified connections, root causes, and unknown opportunities!
Want to assess if you are really investing your money in the right initiatives? Now you have the tool to vet also that.

We leverage our customers’ collective capability to see where things are heading and how to get there first, with technology and purpose driven methodology to imagine the possible and turn it into reality.