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Today companies need to have a multidimensional digital version of their physical world, to be able to improve their business operations and take the lead. To showcase the positive effects of starting with resolving a challenge in one specific business area, we’ve selected five real-life cases. If you can’t find a case for your area, don’t worry: most likely, we have been there before as well!

Five customer challenges resolved

Note: the financial gains in the below cases are shared for illustration purposes, and cannot be guaranteed.

Case 1

The strategy leader

The situation
Our customer lacked a coherent portfolio of change initiatives. Their initiatives were overlapping and lacked alignment with their strategic goals. They could not assess them as they did not know the impact they would have.

What we did
Our customer gained control by collecting and implementing all initiatives at a group level in the Ortelius DTO platform, in the so-called Change Portfolio Navigator.

How did it do
After 3 months, initiatives of 50 million SEK could be stopped immediately due to overlap and initiatives of just over 100 million SEK were closed due to poor alignment with the strategy. ​The management could assess future initiatives against weighting models and drive more organized digital transformation.

Case 2

The supply chain manager

The situation
Our customer wanted to keep track of two KPI’s and were looking for a solution which would help them to communicate internally and would lead to desired behavior. They wanted to track the environmental impact of their projects​ and the cost for dealing with waste of their projects.​ They asked us, as they already had digitized some business areas in the Ortelius DTO platform.

What we did
Ortelius made an integration between the systems of external waste suppliers and the Ortelius DTO platform. We connected the output from the waste suppliers to the projects already in the versatile database. In this way, our customer re-used and built upon the knowledge in the platform.

How did it do
For our customer this is one of the most appreciated applications, and used on daily basis. The use case extended from analyzing finalized projects, to using the data to predict cost and waste for future projects. It enables to have qualified discussions on choice of material and the impact on the environment and cost. So, enabling ‘What if’- scenarios.

Case 3

The IT leader

The situation
This globally leading customer invested heavily in digital capabilities, but found it difficult to grasp which investments affected what business capabilities.​ It was complicated for them to reduce the number of IT systems because it was impossible to understand the impact on the business if they would shut a system down.

What we did
Our customer gained control by implementing the Change Portfolio Navigator in the Ortelius DTO platform. After only four months they could define the links between investments in digital tools and different business capabilities. They could analyze what ability level was required to be “best in class “.

How did it do
Deviations and investments were quickly detected, and old IT systems could be shut down to an annual license saving of just over 200 million SEK.

Case 4

The IP leader

The situation
Our internationally operating customer had scattered and unstructured knowledge in the Patent Department and did not know whether patents were actually used. They also had a scattered interface to R&D​ and wish to connect better to the business to optimize usage of resources​.

What we did
Our customer already used the Ortelius DTO platform for mapping and connecting their entire product portfolio. So we could easily connect their patent data to the product structure, resulting in a structured ​knowledge of used and un-used patents​ and ability to sharing​ this knowledge.

How did it do
Our customer could stop manually updating the products in the Patent Database, start pruning the patent portfolio on ongoing basis, and focus on the right registrations. The recovery period for their investments was within 6 months.

Case 5

The operations leader

The situation
Our globally leading customer had a scattered product structure, and no insight in material nor capital equipment as these resided in disconnected systems.

What we did
Leveraging the Ortelius DTO platform, covering multiple business areas, ranging from product model to transport and from packaging to CO2 allocation. This allowed our customer to apply a common language and to create one single, connected data source.

How did it do
Instead of spending a lot of time searching for the required data to start new projects, our customer can pull up relevant data in no time… they can extract insights and use them for actions to develop the right products and services for their clients.

Case 6

New business model

Introducing and integrating a new business model throughout the company.

Challenge: Market requires adoption to circular economy opening up opportunities to offer new business models but it also requires to make it easy to interact with new partners.

Time: 8 weeks.


  • Marketing opportunity circular economy
  • ”Cheaper” products than competitors
  • Easier transition for customer
  • Fast and precise development and implementation of the required digital capability


Our part

  • Reducing time to market from years to months and weeks
  • Find and covering white space in the application landscape
  • Support the intranet developers with knowledge how the product data is built up
  • Export data from the existing AL Well platform, powered by inorigo
  • Simplifying and coordinating the capturing of the new business needs/demands, building a data model and a set of applications to support the required capability.



  • No native IT systems supports new requirements
  • Existing IT systems cannot adapt to the new business needs
  • Wide range of products

Case 7

Growth navigator

35% of revenue is from fossil business. We don’t know when/how, but biobased fuel will replace hydrocarbons as main energy source.

Challenge: No common as-is. Knowledge in people’s heads. Tribal knowledge. Excel not sufficient.

Time: 10 weeks


  • +400 MSEK deal for new segment in new market.
  • Capturing tacit knowledge before retirement of key staff.
  • Adjusting industry perspective across company; cross functional knowledge sharing.
  • Finding hidden opportunities.


Our part

  • Increased speed to establish as-is by enabling reuse of existing knowledge.
  • Time from idea to execution cut in half
  • Application to explore and discover new insights
  • Application to maintain and govern the data
  • Strategic Insights on potential scenarios for the future.


  • Ever changing world
  • Large range of products
  • Knowledge is distributed

Why Ortelius

Ortelius created the Ortelius DTO platform with the vision of helping companies be forsighted and agile in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world.