A true reflection platform for your business

for you.
By you.

The inorigo® platform is continuously developed in close collaboration with large international corporations to ensure innovation is driven by customer needs and aligns with market and business challenges to change fast with precision. inorigo® interacts with any other software in a dynamic and resilient way. It’s a low code platform. 

It can be fully integrated into your existing Intranet and internal portals – along with your security policies. It is also supported on tablet devices.

inorigo® 3rd Gen


The platform has a unique database capability which combines hierarchical, relational and graph functions, enabling highly interconnected, flexible and accurate models of the business world.

What can inorigo® do for you?


Combining human & technology generated knowledge

We’ve never had so much knowledge, information and data at our fingertips. If your people are spending a large portion of their time searching and organizing knowledge, information and data rather than being creative and innovative, then the opportunity to truly utilize their intelligence is being lost. The inorigo® platform makes the complex simple, captures knowledge from the experts, puts information in context, and let your organization collaborate around the collective intelligence of your business.


Achieving full alignment

Some organizations achieve alignment seamlessly, but for most of us it’s a struggle. inorigo® allows your organization to see information clearly and fully understand the importance of everyone’s contribution to your common goals. Everyone can see how their work makes a real difference and how they are instrumental in realizing a greater good. Our customers decrease implementation time and increase value of strategic intents – that’s a fact!


Giving a full overview of your business at a glance

inorigo® is designed to model complexity and enables you to focus on the key issues important to your success. By using inorigo® you’ll have a 360 view of your organization’s complexity and the ability to take firm decisions without a mountain of “what-if”-s and uncertainty. You’ll understand the impact of your decisions before they are realized and increase the agility of the organization.


Simulating the future

By using inorigo® you’ll always be in control of the situation and able to make wiser decisions that put you in the driver’s seat of your organization’s future. The inorigo® platform is designed for you to understand the complexity and impact of your current path and future scenarios – for example which blind spots you have in the market, the impact that different strategic initiatives will have on your end result, what strategic value your IP can bring to securing market share and growth, and more.


The end of misunderstanding

Collaboration – seemingly so easy, yet so frequently unsuccessful. So much knowledge and information can be lost and misinterpreted depending on how your message is presented. By using inorigo® and our Business Universal Language you increase the clarity of your message and reduce the scope for such misinterpretation. The information is there in black and white!


inorigo® has been designed by some of the world’s most experienced business architects who found a way of creating a true reflection of the different businesses without restrains or having to make exceptions. “This was the spark that started the development of a versatile database platform that could do what we and the client needed” – Stefan Dageson, CTO of Ortelius.

Capture reality in one place 

– with a reflection platform 

Information and data – all in a universal understandable format and put relevant context to all data and information that exists inside and around an organization. Our unique Business Universal Language is at the very core of the platform.

The inorigo® design makes it possible to interact in a cross-organizational manner with the knowledge repository. This allows for more people to take part in a problem, or opportunity, and helps create solutions that make it better for all stakeholders. Inorigo® can simply be described as a tailor-made collaborative business development tool for your team.

Inorigo does not only provide you with the capability of reflecting the reality, but also the capability to test out potential future strategies in a safe intelligent environment, before embarking on the real journey of change.

The inorigo® versatile database platform provides real-time prototyping capabilities.

You’ll simply have a 360 view or your organization.