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Learn more about of Digital Twin of an Organization,

Prototyping and Sustainability!

Ortelius Digital Twin concept


Digitize and connect your company’s collective intelligence to uncover unknown opportunities


Visualize, collaborate, share and accelerate the collective intelligence across your organization thanks to user-friendly interfaces


Prototype your ideas in a safe intelligent environment before you decide what great opportunities to take action on


Have confidence when you take action. Sense the situation continuously to learn and remember before next step in your evolution

Capitalizing on collective intelligence

Knowledge has always meant power. And it still applies. The availability and management of information is crucial when growing a company’s market value. Information has simply become the new oil, but we need to use both human intelligence and computer intelligence to capitalize on it.

Companies that strategically use, save and experiment with their collective intelligence ensure their competitiveness and market value over time

But this can be a challenge.

  • Information sits in various systems
  • Knowledge sits in the heads of employees
  • Departments work in silo’s
  • Lack of a uniform taxonomy across the company

How can we help


In Ortelius DTO concept we create a true reflection of your business, in the form of a dynamic Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO). In a purely technical way, Ortelius’ DTO is a well-designed real-time map across an organization. It describes how things are connected and provides a full 360 view of the business.

Now that you have your common knowledge platform in place, you can start the process to move from AS IS and prototype the TO BE. You can use it for planning and executing your strategy. You can work more efficiently with business transformation and improve the impact on your business.

– Gartner recommended

Digital Twin of an Organization       -  a strategic capability

According to Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, Digital Twins are in the Top 10 of strategic technology trends in 2019. Learn from Marc Kerremans, senior research director at Gartner, US, what a Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) is, why you need one, and how Gartner rates our DTO concept

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